How it works

Our luxury eyeglass necklaces are made to enhance your eyewear experience and to help you hang your eyewear securely while staying stylish.

We have two sizes. The 24” falls below any neckline and is ideal if you are petite. The 33” necklace will typically hang well below the waist. It is perfect for those who want a beautifully long draping necklace. The 33” can be worn as a single strand, or you can double it with a 24” chain for an incredible look.

Please follow these instructions to easily attach your eyewear extension to your eyewear.  

1. Attach the loop of the extension piece to your eyewear handles. Position them half-way between the eyeglass frame and the end of the handle. Make sure the leather strap is facing downward from the bottom of the eyeglass handle so they sit right past your ear without tangle.
2. Push the coil on the rubber piece until it is tight on the handle. Your extension is now snug and fit.
3. Now take the large hook on the opposite end of the extension, open the clamp, and slide one end of your necklace into that large hook. One side of your necklace end has a common necklace clasp which you will fasten to the other large hook on your extension. The other side simply has a ring.